Discover the History of CANAMEK

About 35 years ago, a passionate boy about creating and innovating was working in his father's industrial workshops in his spare time. He did it not for money but out of passion.

The Commitment and speed of his progress in the design of industrial machines were very high; thus, he was able to officially introduce and offer the first product that he designed to the market even before he finished school.

He always dreamed of innovating some unique product, so after graduation, he started his own company to create a product to help farmers. That Idea was Laser Leveling and Drainage Automation Systems for Scrapers and Trenchers.

Discover the History of CANAMEK

Today is 17 years after his first generation of this company.
During this period, four generations of Laser Receivers, five generations of Control Boxes, and three generations of Power Masts were designed, produced, and sold worldwide.

The product that has been made in CANAMEK in recent years and is increasing, is GNSS Machine Control System which can be used in more different applications.

We are sure you will see more of these products from CANAMEK and you in the future! Yes, you will join the group of our happy customers.

Canamek Vision


Our goal is to be the 4th company in Agriculture Machinery Automation in North America, in terms of Product Diversity.


Canamek Mission


Providing highest quality of Machine Control Equipment with the reliable customer support.


About Our Team

  • Mr. Howard Zan

    Mr. Howard Zan


  • Ms. Melisa Mousavi

    Ms. Melisa Mousavi

    Project Management

  • Mr. David Mohebi

    Mr. David Mohebi

    QC Control

  • Mr. Emad Bagheri

    Mr. Emad Bagheri

    Electronic Team

  • Mr. Ebi Jalali

    Mr. Ebi Jalali

    Advertising Team

  • Mr. Mehran Babaee

    Mr. Mehran Babaee

    Advertising Team

  • Mr. Mohamed Jalili

    Mr. Mohamed Jalili

    Warehouse Management

  • Mr. Alireza Samadi

    Mr. Alireza Samadi

    Production Team