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Can I only order part of CANAMEK Laser Control System and match it other brands?

No, You need to have all CANAMEK Components of a system to have the ideal performance.

Does the shipping price include custom charges?

We cover the Import Charges in the US.

Does CANAMEK Control System work with the Laser Transmitter that I already have?

Yes, CANAMEK Laser Control System work with all Rotary Laser Transmitters.

I am looking at purchasing your land leveling Gold Package along with a Directional Solenoid Valve. Do I need an extra cable to connect the two?

No, the Control Box to the Valve Cable is already included in the package.

I am considering building a system to go on a stand up skid steer for small areas. Do you recommend or sell a valve system that could easily be implemented into your machine control?

Yes. we have a solution with valve together.

Do you have proportional valves or all are on/off (Bang Bang style)?

All Bang Bang for now, but our control box uses on/off valves like proportional valve,by sending pulses not a constant current

Which directional valve should be used on a 4450 John Deere?

When adding a valve to the bucket it does not matter which tractor, the valve we offer will work on all tractors.

Is the relief valve recommended when ordering Hydraulic Valve?

Yes, Doing so you will have ability to adjust the pressure on your machine, otherwise you have to accept the pressure comes from the hydraulic pump.

Can the CANAMEK Receiver alone give me the status of my laser level so I can manually control?

Yes Receiver can work Manually.

Looking for a system that can be portable to attached to a bull dozer for leveling land. Can your Laser Control Systems be used on a bulldozer?

Yes we do have Control system suitable for your Dozer. We have Solenoid valve as well.

Do you have any systems to run my drainage plow?

you can get our control system with our Lasers and tripod all together and connect our control box to the plow’s up/down cylinder through a Solenoid valve. The power mast we do have will let you adjust the cut accurately and see the offset in control box LCD

I have T8 New Holland tractor and I would like to use CANAMEK-Gold-CAN Laser Land Leveling Control Systemfor channel ditching I use a double wheel ditcher is it compatible for this job ?

Yes, This system can support your needs on Tiling and ditching machines.

Is it possible to setup the CANAMEK single slope leveling system to communicate with an electric linear actuator? The machine I am installing it on is not hydraulic?

The machine I am installing it on is not hydraulic.Yes. it works with actuator. We can give 2 wires 12V output with reverse polarity to drive your actuator motor up/down.

I have a YANMAR Yt359C tractor with a box scraper. Would your laser controls work with my equipment? What would I need?

Yes our systems work with all implements and tractors when the implement goes up/down by a solenoid valve or electric actuator.

Will your valve system work on a Kubota tractor?

Yes our systems work with any tractor.

I have a Rotating Red Laser with 1800 feet range just wanted to be sure your system would work with what I have currently?

Yes for sure our Laser Control Systems can match your Laser Transmitter.

I have a KUBOTA m4 tractor and am looking at leveling property for buildings and riding arenas. Also cutting in roads. What system works for me?

We can offer you both Laser Control Systems and GNSS/ GPS Systems.GPS is more flexible and works in larger range, with 3D display.Depending on your budget, we can offer you both.

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